"Exploration begins at the edge of your comfort zone"

- Dr. Armin T. Ellis

Dr. Armin T. Ellis

Founder, Exploration Institute
Inventor of i2i Method™ 


Accomplished scientist, engineer, and explorer, Dr. Armin Ellis spearheaded and architected missions at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory for eight years ranging from Mars missions to those bound for the International Space Station. Parlaying all of his vast and innovative experiences, wisdom, and passion, Dr. Ellis has created Exploration Institute, featuring his i2i Method™, a proven methodology to turn challenges and aspirations into actionable and tangible plans. The results of this methodology and process are limitless providing companies, non-profits and global leaders with uniquely efficient results with applications ranging from cost management and mitigation, product development, and strategy planning.


A Ph.D. graduate of Dartmouth College, Dr. Ellis has created several entrepreneurial ventures in both the US and his native UK including a space engineering company (which he started at age 22 and was acquired after 3 years), VentureKits (a non-profit organization with high altitude balloon kits to help inspire high school students with the possibilities of science), and ultimately today, Exploration Institute.


Dr. Ellis is a sought after speaker on innovation, exploration, and the future of humanity in space.

"In an ocean of creative people at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory — and there area a great many creative people at JPL working on NASA programs —  Armin Ellis is a stand-out.  And even more than that, he is a wonderfully affable, enthusiastic and energetic creative genius.  I think he is brimming with even more ideas than he shares, ideas just waiting their turn for tryout."

- Deb Vane,

CloudSat Project Manger

Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Senior Staff

"I’ve known Armin Ellis for 15 years...he is a restless, one-man engine of enterprise and innovation, and I’m excited to see him bring this infectious zeal to Exploration Institute and spread it to others."

- Gregg Fairbrothers,

Founding CEO,

Samson Resources International

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