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Invented by Dr. Armin T. Ellis, the i2i Method™, or Idea to Implementation Method, is a proven process for strategy development.  For more than a decade, Exploration Institute has delivered successful applications for clients with some of the most demanding requirements. 

The i2i Method is designed to take your challenges and opportunities and generate powerful results. By working collaboratively with your team, we bring out the best solutions for even the most challenging scenarios. The i2i Method™ is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal to guide your team from idea to implementation quickly and efficiently.

The i2i Method can be applied to a myriad of business and organizational scenarios:

  • Anticipating the Future

  • Strategic Innovation

  • Growing an Idea

  • Solving Challenges

  • Deployment of Resources

  • Developing Strategies

  • Evaluation of Performance & Outcomes

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The  i2i Method™ is facilitated by our experts over a multi-day workshop and is designed to achieve your specific organizational goals. The length of the i2i Workshop is typically 2 days but can vary depending on the depth and complexity of the challenge.

The full i2i Method™ engagement is delivered in three phases, Pre-session, i2i Workshop, and Post-session. This process generally takes place over approximately four weeks.

The i2i Method is a proven system that has consistently delivered exceptional results for clients for more than a decade. You can expect to achieve:

  • Better Solutions > Obtaining higher quality solutions sought out by all stakeholders involved.

  • Faster Results > Solutions and planning timelines are rapidly increased, seeing progress in days rather than months.

  • Team Cohesion > Your team will focus and fuse together around a clear common goal leveraging each other's strengths.

  • Integration of Solution > The solution is developed, understood, and implemented in a systemic and effective manner.

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How can the i2i Method™ help you? Contact us to learn more.  

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