Advanced Projects Research& Development Group (APRDG)

“I look forward to connecting with you to begin the dialogue for your advanced technology needs.”
- Michael Mercury,
  APRDG Director


Advanced Projects Research and Development Group (or APRDG) is a laboratory of Exploration Institute concerned with the development of advanced systems and intellectual property for our industrial partners and internal R&D projects.

Inspired by Skunkworks’ approach to rapid technology development, APRDG is located in Puerto Rico and focuses on developing intellectual property that solves fundamental engineering challenges in the fields of Space, Maritime and Frontier Technologies. Whereas through the i2i process we focus on strategic solutions, at APRDG, we focus on IP and technical development.

Clients include government and industrial partners. Examples of advanced projects from APRDG include:

  • Anomaly and fault protection on spacecraft

  • Ocean monitoring network using Internet of Things (IoT) sensors

  • Advanced tools for applications in robotic agriculture

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