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Ad astra per intelligence


Using the i2i Method™, Exploration Institute will guide your team to quickly and efficiently formulate breakthrough, implementation-ready strategies.

Invented by Dr. Armin T. Ellis, a former space mission architect for NASA and private industry, the i2i Method™ has over a decade of proven results for organizations with some of the most rigorous requirements and challenging scenarios.


The Advanced Projects Research

and Development Group (APRDG) is a laboratory of Exploration Institute focused on the development of advanced systems and Intellectual Property for government,  industrial partners, as well as our own research and development projects. 


At Exploration Institute, one of

our core areas of focus is the commercialization of applied Artificial Intelligence developed through APRDG. Our mission is to create exceptional products that make it easier to operate in complex environments, such as; space, maritime, cyber, and conventional domains.  


Established in 2015, Exploration Institute is a strategy development and applied Artificial Intelligence company with expertise serving clients across an array of fields including, marine, aerospace, and frontier technologies.



*These are just a few of our many valued partners & clients. Some clients wish to keep engagement with Exploration Institute confidential to maintain a competitive advantage. We honor all requests for confidentiality.


“Armin Ellis comes with my highest recommendation, he has impeccable listening skills and is a thought leader in the area of process and product development.
I sponsored and took part in Exploration Institute's workshop, held at Pasadena Caltech. The approach was invigorating, refreshing, avant-garde, and open-minded. With a cross-section of innovative experts, actively connected in spearheading new visionary, innovative, and sustainable solutions, capable of market implementation. Armin Ellis ran a flawless event, his attention to detail left nothing spared. When implemented, EI’s i2i ‘Concept to Consumer' methodology will help shave weeks, months, even years off the traditional product to market development processes."

- Steven David, MadgeVice President Global

Affairs, Dassault Systemes


A global leader in 3D design, 3D digital mock-up, and product lifecycle management computer-aided design (CAD) software



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