The Future of Exploration with Alex Lightman

Join the award winning author and Futurist Alex Lightman for a look into what's on the horizon and how technology is helping us explore the world in novel and exciting new ways.


Alex Lightman has 25 years of management and social innovation experience and 15 years of chairman and chief executive experience. Award-winning inventor with multiple US patents issued or pending and author of over one million published words.

Alex is an internationally recognized inventor, entrepreneur, author, speaker, conference organizer, futurist, and government advisor. He has been working at the bleeding edge of technology, primarily software and specialized telecommunications, since June 1983, and his experience includes pioneering development and/or marketing of simulation and modeling software, Internet 3D, artificial intelligence/expert systems (military, medical, training, trading, investing, budgeting, scheduling, advising), financial engineering workstations (for Reuters, where he was Project and Product Manager responsible for the ART2000), websites for Hollywood, Silicon Valley, and Madison Avenue, wearable computers and augmented reality, Internet-connected jewelry, and novel applications of Internet Protocol version 6, the 128-bit successor to the 32 bit IPv4 that has been in use since 1973. 

What is this:

Webinar covering the Future of Exploration


October 4th 7pm (PST)


Live streamed through Exploration.Institute


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