How the impossible is achived. 

Join Dr. Armin Ellis founder of Exploration Institute and Ben Lecomte who is preparing to swim from Tokyo to San Francisco. They will discuss the logistics and planning process of setting out to achive the impossible. 

Ben Lecomte was born in France in 1967 and is an accomplished long distance swimmer, now a naturalized citizen of the U.S.A. Ben has received wide credit for being the first man to swim across the Atlantic Ocean without a kick board in 1998. He did this to raise money and awareness for cancer research as a tribute to his father.


During his 3,716 mile journey, he was accompanied by a 40 ft. sailboat that dragged an electrode creating an electromagnetic field to ward off sharks. He was followed by a shark for 5 days, stung by jellyfish, and combated exhaustion to complete his swim in 73 days.


Ben is prepared to do it again – this time swimming across the Pacific Ocean from Tokyo, Japan to San Francisco, USA. Ben has been training for over 3 years to accomplish this goal and is looking forward to getting into the ocean in early 2017.


Dr. Armin Ellis is the President and Founder of Exploration Institute. He started EI because he believes that exploration is the key to a brighter future and wants to make it accessible and safer for anyone who has the desire to explore and to share their experiences with the rest of the world.

What is this:

Webinar covering the planning process of a pioneering expedition.


October 4th 7pm (PST)


Live streamed through Exploration.Institute


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