Store Credit

How it works

For every dollar spent at the Exploration Institute store or for Exploration Institute experiences you get one store credit! These credits can then be used for purchasing future products or experiences.


How can I redeem my store credits?

The amount of store credits that can be used towards a future purchase depends on the product, but typically we try to be very generous to our returning customers because we want you to keep coming back.


Can my store credit be used for anything?

Almost! From time-to-time there may be a few items that we might not include in the store credit swap program but that will be quite unusual.


Do my EI Credits expire?

You have up to 24months to use your credits - that is two full years so that you have plenty of time to redeem your credits.


Can I use my store credits to purchase an Antarctic trip?

Absolutely. If you find an item or an experience that you like then go ahead and claim it and apply your store credits.


Can I gift my store credits to someone else?

If you make the purchase from your own account you can gift the product to anyone you like. However, store credits are not transferable between accounts.


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