Astronomy excites the imagination.

The beauty of the night sky has drawn our gaze for thousands of years because it offers us a sense of belonging in an unimaginably vast universe. For over 20 years, our astronomers have harnessed that curiosity and sense of wonder, to create unique experiences for clients all over the United States. From large corporate gatherings to intimate weddings, the breathtaking effect of seeing crystal-clear celestial objects is never forgotten. The cosmos is within us, and it continually calls us to experience the night sky….

Meet the astronomers
James Ashley


James earned his PhD in the planetary sciences at Arizona State University, and is on the science teams NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter and Mars Exploration Rover missions. He is the co-founder of a non-profit company that has discovered 13 near-Earth asteroids, and has been featured in several History and Discovery Channel documentaries. James currently assists with landing site selection for the Mars 2020 rover mission in the Geophysics and Planetary Geosciences Group at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Edward Graff

Edward Graff has been a passionate amateur astronomer for over 35 years. He brings experience working with the Grand Rapids Amateur Astronomical Association, James C. Veen Observatory, and Roger B. Chaffee Planetarium to each venue, together with his large Celestron telescopes. Now a film editor in  Los Angeles, Edward has worked on documentaries, theatrical trailers, and television spots for more than 20 years, and remains actively involved with local Los Angeles astronomy societies.

Raquel Nuno 


While a physicist by training, Raquel wanted to combine her love for space and rocks into a career, so she is now pursuing a PhD in Planetary Geology at UCLA. For her research she uses telescopes, NASA spacecraft data, and field work to understand the processes that shape planetary surfaces. When not working on her PhD, she can be found exploring the US National Parks or enthusiastically talking about science. She is actively involved in science outreach in Southern California, and as an event astronomer her favorite thing to do is dazzle people with the wonders of the night sky.


Q: What does each event cost?

A: Please call/email us for a quote!

Q: Is there a minimum or maximum amount of people?

A: No minimum, but we generally recommend about 100 people per astronomer. You can however book more than one astronomer at a time!

Q: Can we customize the event?

A: YES! Please call or email us to inquire about customizations.

Q: Are there travel and set up fees?

A: Only if you are farther than 25 miles outside LA.

Q: What equipment will you bring?

A: We have several professional 11 inch Celestrons

Q: What are your requirements for setting up?

A: We will send you a document outlining details about what we’ll need to know prior to the event.

Contact us to book or find out more:

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