Astronaut Training

Step into the flight suit of an astronaut. We’ve put together a program with one of the premiere astronaut centres in the United States to make available actual astronaut training reserved for fighter pilots and astronauts. By taking this course, you will be experiencing several days in the life of an astronaut by going through the psychological, physiological, and other training activities necessary for all spaceflight participants. 


Due to the technical and proprietary nature of this course, ITAR restrictions are in place and only US citizens are allowed to participate. Foreign nationals must be approved by the US state department. This course provides a comprehensive overview of human physiology and G-force training as it applies to mentally, emotionally, and physically preparing for spaceflight.


In this program, you will be able to appreciate what it truly takes to experience spaceflight. You will learn what human limitations we will be facing and how we can enhance our overall human performance using a series of training tools, including G-force, to ensure safety, confidence, and peak performance. Exploration Insiders will receive a personalized spaceflight suit and mission patch, certificate of completion, and a DVD of your spaceflight experience.​

Program Content
  • 4 centrifuge simulated spaceflight experiences

  • Physiological and Psychological Effects of Space Travel

  • Maximizing your Spaceflight Experience

  • Overview of G Force & Acceleration Physiology

  • G Force as used in Military to Commercial Space

  • Space Environment & Hazards

  • Motion Environment & Orientation

  • G Protection, Suits, Countermeasures & Skills

  • G-force Tolerance Flights (series of 4 Gx, Gz centrifuge flights)

  • The Commercial Space Experience

  • Astronaut Time Organization and Task Design

  • Medical Issues & Other Flyers

  • Keeping and Preserving Space Memories

  • Distraction Factors Exercises

  • Altitude Physiology and Spatial Disorientation

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