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An Exclusive Opportunity for Discovery and Exploration

Space Frontier Foundation has been working with Exploration Institute to bring our community a very special opportunity. 

While we aren’t ready for vacations to space just yet, there are so many amazing places for adventure on our home planet where we can gain a deeper insight into what it's really like to be at the frontier. Exploration Institute (EI) is a community building organization focused on bringing together the right chemistry of people, and amazing experiences for learning, discovery, growth, and exploration.


As a member (also known as an Exploration Insider) you will have exclusive access to incredible locations and experiences. You will be able to stay with a native tribe in the arctic circle, learn the foundations of art in Molokai, understand the forces shaping evolution in the Galapagos, trek deep in the Amazon rainforest, walk on the icepacks of Patagonia, see the relics of the Soviet and Russian space facilities, and spend a night with astronomers at some of the great observatories. These are only a few samples of the many adventures waiting for members, and EI is constantly adding more.

Each expedition is led by one or more Subject Matter Experts (SME) and is supported by a highly professional crew (such as former Navy SEALs). The SMEs are world experts in their fields including university professors, former astronauts, authors, and scientists — all highly regarded for their ability to teach in a detailed and delightful manner. The group sizes are kept small to promote individual learning, relationship building, and safety.


The One Giant Leap or OGL is the gateway expedition: the first adventure. Supported by SEALs, this program is not only inspirational but also designed to develop fundamental skills. Completing this training will allow you to be more confident and be better prepared for future expeditions, knowing that you and your team share a common set of skills and language.


Exploration Institute is keen to expand its membership to the Space Frontier Foundation community. Because of this agreement, EI is offering a discount of more than $8,000 to the first ten individuals to sign up from this referral.


As with most unique/specialized offerings, for some Exploration Insiders is irresistible, and not suitable for most people. For example, the most obvious two factors are cost and typically a week of time associated with each of these experiences. Additionally, many people won't be willing to expand their comfort zones to this extent. Only some of the expeditions will have high levels of luxury, others may require staying in rustic cabins, or tents, or staying onboard a scientific research vessel. While EI is centered on creating a lasting community and friendships for our Insiders, most others will prefer to travel to convenient, air-conditioned resorts with packages to popular vacation destinations.


However, this offer will be exceptionally exciting and well matched for adventurous individuals who are also interested in being part of an impactful and important community. Although the support crew for EI are former members of the US Special Forces with impeccable skills and training for safety, anyone interested in joining these expeditions must appreciate that all plans are only preparations for the reality in the field. To benefit from this partnership please click the button below and mention the code SFFCOMMUNITY when you talk to Exploration Institute:

"To be able to explore other planets we must first understand how to explore our own. Exploration Institute is giving us the skills and community we need to be prepared off Earth." 
- Hannah Kerner,
Executive Director,
Space Frontier Foundation

To find out more about the Exploration Insder program and the One Giant Leap please go to the Personal Exploration page.

Promotion requires the use of code SFFCOMMUNITY.

This is a time and quantity limited offer.

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