Life changing expeditions that very few people get to accomplish. Have you ever wanted to swim with whales or trek through dense rainforests? We are constantly sourcing new and amazing opportunities for one-off expeditions that change lives, will you be on the next one?


One man will soon undertake an audacious first: swimming the length of the Pacific Ocean. He will be swimming from Tokyo, Japan to San Francisco, California.

You might not believe this to be a serious proposition until you learn that Ben Lecomte, the groundbreaking swimmer, has already swam the Atlantic Ocean, from Boston to France. 

“Imagine, swimming eight hours each day, eating eight thousand calories per day, and keeping this up for over six months. Anyone hearing about this plan can’t help but be awed. It is truly inspiring, and I think, more than the food, it is fueled by Ben’s passion for bringing awareness to the health of our oceans in an inclusive way,” Says Dr. Armin Ellis, Founder of the Exploration Institute and strategic partner with The Longest Swim.

During six months of the swim, Ben Lecomte will have an intimate and unique connection with the Pacific Ocean. He will be able to see and interact with marine life; he will battle with harsh weather conditions, such as the cold...

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The Longest Swim: Ben Lecomte's Voyage from Tokyo to San Francisco

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