Patagonia: Wild and Wonderful

Trek through some of the most stunning terrain in Patagonia, walk among ancient glaciers, and learn how to navigate the extreme conditions in one of the most remarkable locations in the world. Among the many incredible areas of Patagonia that our expert on the Andes, Anthony Brogno, loves and has familiarity with, El Chaltén and Argentina’s Glaciers National Park may be the most spectacular.  


Known as the “Trekking Capital of Argentina,” El Chaltén is found nestled at the base of the dramatic, jagged saw of Andean peaks, which divide the world’s second largest expanse of ice from the diverse ecosystems and environments that lie opposite the granite spires of Mt. Fitz Roy (Cerro Chatlén) and the like.  This is a land of extremes.  One of the most recognizable and iconic mountains in the world, Mount Chaltén (Fitz Roy) translates from the native Tehuelche to mean, “the smoking mountain.”   This is quite fitting, as the massive face of Fitz Roy and the range are shrouded in dense clouds much of the time.  The collision of cool air from the sea of ice, meets the warmer air of southern Argentina’s steppe here, frequently creating extreme weather and powerful winds.  These powerful bursts of natural forces are separated by a pleasant, warm climate during the spring and summer.

"I'd love to show you the southern Pategonia ice fields and the Fitz Roy Massif. This is one of the most specatacular sites on earth"

- Anthony Brogno

As a team, we will navigate through this land of legend amongst pioneers.  The small group of explorers will meet with our guides in Calafate, Argentina.  We will first get acclimated and begin building a strong sense of community and trust amongst the team.  Not far from Calafate lies the Perito Moreno Glacier.  This absolutely stunning sight will help us get an idea of the sheer immensity of the Ice Field.  Just a relatively small example of one of the Ice Field’s many fingers that extend between the surrounding summits, Perito Moreno stands at over 200 feet above the surface of the lake.  We will be able to witness massive pieces of ice calving off of the glacier, into the great Lake Argentino.


In this 5-day adventure, connection, support, interdependence and teamwork will grow amongst the group as we explore and discover what this unique place has to teach us.  As well as strong group dynamics, we will be building self-reliance and confidence in our abilities to sustainably explore wild places.

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