A very unique group.


Two field trips conducted per year, and the focus is on seeing resources from nothing. by our Navy SEAL team. One annual  in the US 

This is a very select group. We have to be. Our members have certai

safe environment for exchange of ideas

There is an on boarding process, which makes your integration much more rapid and allows you to get started faster and more pleasant

Structure of the group

There are 4 elements to group

- Weekly sessions

- Outings

- Hotseats

- Onboarding process, which includes 3 sessions of one-on-one power calls to focus on your current status and learn what specific goals you have going forward.

The cost of the program is a basic enrollment fee, followed by monthly subscriptions. The monthly fees don't include the cost of to give you choice and flexibility to decide on when and which trips you'd like to participate in.


Please fill out the form below to allow us to get to know you. 

Small group, Big value.

We keep our group size small so that our interactions are . At the moment

If you feel you're a good fit, please get in touch with us. We would be excited to have you join us and so that we can close our membership drive.

Steps to take:

Totally refundable deposit.

Join the most unique group of leaders exploring the future!


Warning! The future is coming!

 Optimize your performance and be ready for the future

Join a leaders group focused on innovation,
resourcefulness, and exploratory thought.

People have been speculating about the future as far back as can be documented. It is in our innately curious nature to look to the future to both prepare, and discover new possibilities. Although nothing is certain, the one thing we can count on is that the future will be different to what we’ve imagined. A quick glance at today’s headlines would have us believe there are dark days ahead. Economic meltdown, climate change, overpopulation, and political instability all point towards an incredibly scary future, and the farther we look, the hazier our future becomes. But our future is never set in stone. We are now entering a period of radical transformation, where we can influence the outcome by utilizing “interdisciplinary _______, systems thinking” and embracing progress in breakthrough technologies and ideas that have the potential to completely transform our collective futures in a matter of years.
Many leaders have already started to understand and capitalize on this premise. We are seeing the beginning of a new wave of technological influence on the way that people work. Businesses of all sizes are seeing that innovation, and capitalizing on these new technologies and ideas is the only way for them move forward and thrive. Those that are at the forefront of embracing change have already seen immense growth, and have prospered. Whereas those who failed to recognize this new reality are now either suffering, out of business, or are about to receive a major disruption without warning. Soon, all organizations will realize that innovation is the ONLY way to stay in the game.

In this new era there will be winners and losers. The losers will be the unprepared, the uncurious, and the unimaginative, focused on old challenges. They occupy their time with outdated practices and management structures, unimportant activities, and have an aura of confidence that their industry and their job is traditional
and has stood the test of time.

The winners, are the ones who can learn, unlearn, and re-learn. They have humility, and are at ease with good but insufficient information. They act and move forward quickly. They experiment regularly and learn from negative outcomes. They avoid the traps of inaction and perfection; they integrate their life and their work. These people savor the opportunity to learn from others at the forefront of other fields.

We are just about to step into a truly unique and unpredictable period, but our choice is clear. We can either become fearful, reject change, and cling on to what we know, or we can anticipate what's coming and position ourselves to benefit from it and help to lead others.
Which path will you choose?
Are you an entrepreneur, corporate leader, or a creative thinker?
This program is for those who are ready to become strong, dynamic, and empowering leaders. While this program would benefit anyone, we are looking for those of you who are dedicated to thinking creatively, capitalizing on forward-thinking ideas, and committed to creating positive change. Whether you are focused on contributing as an empowered leader in your work environment, or committed to growth as a business owner or CEO, Mastermind University will immerse you in an environment and surround you with the peers to cultivate positive changes in you and your business.

Due to the focused nature of this program, the peer group is purposely kept small so openings may be limited. Please fill out the form below so we can reserve a space for you.

Small group, Big value.

We keep our group size small so that our interactions are . At the moment

If you feel you're a good fit, please get in touch with us. We would be excited to have you join us and so that we can close our membership drive.

Steps to take:

Totally refundable deposit.

Meet The Team

Thomas Matozel

Headquartered in Eastern Massachusetts, Mr. Matozel provides security consulting, subject matter expertise, emergency response, and security support services to government agencies and private/public corporations domestically and abroad.

Mr. Matozel served has more than 20 years of military experience, highlighted by 15 years as a US Navy SEAL with tours of duty on both East and West coast SEAL Teams that included service on a submersible delivery vehicle team and a special mission unit.

For over 15 years he has been contracted for his Subject Matter Expertise on a range of security related tasks and projects. His experience and skill set include the following:

• Security management at executive business level
• Coordinating and executing security operations and crisis management planning at the

operational level
• Training specialized units in Maritime Interdiction and Counter Terrorism Response

He has international experience in permissive, semi-permissive and non-permissive environments.

Bill Atkinson

Bill is a former career US Navy SEAL, traveling extensively throughout the Caribbean, North Atlantic, Northern Europe and the Mediterranean, working in a variety of land-and-water-based environments with SEAL Teammates and foreign counterparts over two decades. He is also a coach and mentor, having spent a decade training men and women for jobs in Navy Special Operations, providing them the tools they needed to be successful individually and in teams. Being outdoors and active with others, in sync with the setting and the season brings him great joy and satisfaction. He thrives on in-the-moment, collaborative adventures with others, sharing experiences that transform and reward in socially conscious and environmentally responsible ways.

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