Strategy Design Workshops


The i2i Method™ is a proven process designed to take challenges or opportunities and create powerful results, by collaboratively  bringing out the best solutions with members of your team.

The structure of our engagement is as follows:


The Seed - The core of what we're working on. What are the primary concerns or opportunities, and what does a positive result look like? This is also known as the "seed" and is an important way to communicate the goals and objectives to the team.


The Team - Choosing members you'd like involved in the event and what are the strengths and expertise of the individual members.

The Process - How the i2i Method™ works and focusing the results for your specific objectives, including your report and other support materials.


Summit Event: 

We gather with your team for the i2i Method™ and run through the 15-step process to bring out the most creative solutions, build teams, strategize an implementation plan and to begin building momentum towards executing the plan. 

Summits can vary in duration from 1-3 days depending on the specifics of the challenges we are focused on. Typically 9-15 participants form the team.

Contact us now to book an appointment to answer any questions about the i2i Method™ and your unique objectives.

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