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A Powerful and Proven Methodology to get you results.

With over a decade of applications in the most demanding environments i2i Method™ is yours to apply to your particular organizational needs, to bring out the most effective solutions from your team, and turn them into results.

You and your team have more knowledge than anyone, about your capabilities, your customers, and your desires to grow.


By combining your insights with our systematic rigor you’ll have an even more powerful strategy, clearer execution plans, and simpler and more confident communications.


The immensely detailed and nuanced knowledge within your organization is a treasure trove, which if correctly tapped and interpreted, can keep your team effective, and motivated to reach all your desired goals.


Think of us as members of your team with vested dedication to your success, yet with the unique advantage of bringing you our third party perspectives for evaluating opportunities and communicating with your partners and clients, and team members. How would you benefit from clear and honest feedback?

Our Process

We apply the i2i Method™, developed by Dr. Armin Ellis, to produce powerful and tangible results for the challenges and aspirations of organizations.

The i2i Method™, or “Idea to Implementation Method”, is a multistep process which focuses the talents of an organization or team on a specific challenge or opportunity to produce concrete results for implementation.

Typically i2i Method™ is applied in a two to three day event at the client’s offices or in an offsite venue which can incorporate additional team building activities. Finding answers in demanding or unusual situations, often with teams of talented but independently minded specialists, can be a daunting task. This is why i2i Method™ doesn’t rely on chance for finding solutions. Instead i2i is a clear process for generating solutions with attention to team psychology, idea generation, aligning and bringing out the best of the talents of the organization.

The i2i Method’s™ effectiveness has been proven in the most demanding applications. Through the tough rigors ranging from space mission design to deep ocean exploration, this methodology has been proven again and again to yield results.


Whether it’s saving time, creating new products, or saving millions of dollars, i2i is the process that can offer you and your team exceptional savings in time, talent, and financial efficiency in getting to real outcomes.

Applications include cost management and mitigation, product development, and strategy planning, just to name a few.


The i2i Method™ can help all of your challenges, concepts, aspirational aims, new opportunities, and even unusual situations.


Services can be applied to many different industries; however, we primarily focus on three main areas of Aerospace, Marine, and New Technology. 

New Technologies

Services Offered

Strategy Design

Advanced Projects Research and Development Group (APRDG)

Beyond our work with strategy development, we develop advanced systems and intellectual property for our industrial partners and internal R&D projects.




We take the privacy of our clients extremely seriously and many of our large aerospace, marine, and defense industry clients are not listed in the testimonials below for their protection.

“Armin Ellis comes with my highest recommendation, he has impeccable listening skills and is a thought leader in the area of process and product development.
I sponsored and took part in Exploration Institute's workshop, held at Pasadena Caltech. The approach was invigorating, refreshing, avant-garde and open minded. With a cross section of innovative experts, actively connected in spearheading new visionary, innovative and sustainable solutions, capable of market implementation. Armin Ellis ran a flawless event, his attention to detail left nothing spared. When implemented EI’s i2i ‘Concept to Consumer” methodology will help shave weeks, months, even years off traditional product to market development processes."
- Steven David Madge
Vice President Global Affairs
Dassault Systemes

Global leader in 3D design, 3D digital mock-up, and product lifecycle management computer-aided design (CAD) software.



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