Dr. Armin Ellis is the President and Founder of Exploration Institute. He started EI because he believes that exploration is the key to a brighter future and wants to make it accessible and safer for anyone who has the desire to explore and to share their experiences with the rest of the world. 


“To me, exploration is one of the most important activities we could be involved with because it not only makes us grow as individuals, but also, our society will benefit from more individuals who have the explorer’s mindset of, and think creatively. I want people to think of Exploration Institute when they think about challenging their comfort zone and use our organization as the central hub of exploration.”


Dr. Ellis is a graduate of Dartmouth College in space systems engineering and instrumentation. He has worked on several Mars related projects and at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, has led numerous mission concepts and formulation activities. His experience ranges from aircraft campaigns and small satellites to flagship Decadal Survey missions.

Armin Ellis

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