Ancient Wisdom of Amazon

Travel deep into the remote Amazon rainforest to get a taste of life with one of the traditional indigenous communities in the most biologically diverse place on the planet. You will experience the ancient secrets and traditional practices of this unique culture while learning jungle survival skills and understanding ecological dynamics of the rainforest. Learn traditional hunting and gathering practices and how to recognize and use medicinal plants from the local community. Experience swimming with anacondas and pink river dolphins and night hikes to discover fascinating creatures.


Spend 6 days immersed in traditional indigenous communities to learn about ancient wisdom and practices and how to navigate rugged jungle life and terrain as their hosts have for millennia. Together we will dive into the planet’s largest rainforest for an intensive immersion course where we will learn from experienced practitioners, the local community, the forest and each other. Studies will be based in the experience of a direct exchange with local indigenous people who have been stewards of the jungle and live from its lands and waters. Visit a leading Amazon research center to explore the ecological dynamics of the Amazon rainforest including flora, fauna, water, climate, land use, history and geography.


What can modern society learn from the indigenous people? Take an optional storytelling and photography course where you can contribute to global conversations on climate change, sustainability, and protecting ancestral territories. Or take a course to support the gradual learning journey to better understanding self, purpose and conscious role in the world based in shamanistic practices and cosmology.


Sample program content

  • Survival! Navigating the jungle

  • Flora & Fauna, a biodiversity hotspot

  • Recognizing & using medicinal plants

  • Traditional hunting & gathering

  • Building a shelter, making fire, “Milking” water from vines

  • Swimming with pink river dolphins; Swimming with anacondas

  • Night hikes & creatures

  • The ancient ways, cosmology and spirit worlds

  • Protecting ancestral territories – threats & globalization

  • Crash course in photography & storytelling for the explorer


* This program will be primarily based in traditional Amazon community (accessed only by small plane, boat & foot) providing rustic but adequate accommodation


*The official course language is English, with bilingual participants/fixers to aid in communications in communities.

Course instructor

Caroline Bennett is an award-winning photographer and explorer working to leverage visual journalism and cutting-edge digital tactics to shake the world awake through storytelling. From capturing the cultural survival of the most ancient peoples on the planet to creating savvy strategies for organizations implementing interactive advocacy journalism that spurs action, Caroline uses photography and multimedia to shine a light on social justice, cultural and environmental threats and the human condition in the Amazon and beyond.


Caroline has spent the greater part of the last decade living and working in indigenous communities in the Amazon rainforest region. When not navigating the jungle she can be found climbing, adventuring, exploring and reporting the impacts of climate change around the Americas’ highest glaciated volcanos and peaks. 

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